Which Dreams Come True in Real Life-Ways to determine it

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Which Dreams Come True in Real Life

Normally we dream in two ways. One is dreaming during sleep. And the other is dreaming about having or achieving something in life. We do not have any control over the dream that comes through sleep. But, dreaming about having or achieving something is only in our control. In rare cases, dreams appear while sleep helps us to achieve our real-life dreams. This is often a special case, where we have deeply involved ourselves. And sharply focused on our real-life goals. Hence, the answer to which dreams come true in life is, the associated dreams with our goals come true in real life.

If we dig deeper, we will find dreams associated with our goals can be interpreted in two different ways. They can be either dream driven goals or goal-driven dreams. Let us explain them in a bit detail below.

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• Dream Driven Goals

The goals of life we set in line with the dreams we have in our lives are defined as dream driven goals of our lives. These dreams can be materialistic or for self-satisfaction or a combination of both. We often dream about choosing our passion as our profession and set our goal of life in line with that. People often dream of achieving a respectable status or maybe achieving stardom. For achieving all those dreams a person must set certain goals that they need to do. This is one of the best examples of dream driven goals in real life.

• Goal-Driven Dreams

We also can have a general goal in life like pursue studies and doing a job. We may or may not have dreams about our qualifications and types and levels of jobs. But we may have dreams associated with our goals. Like buying a home or a car or visiting different holiday destinations. These types of dreams that are dependent on our achievements are Goal-Driven Dreams. Level of goal we set and achieve drives and affects our dreams. Yet, these dreams can also be both materialistic or for our self-satisfaction too.

Both types of dreams come true in real life if we work for achieving them. Hence, in real life, we need to put our brains and efforts to make our dreams come true.

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Can Dreams Come True in Real Life

We have just discussed which dreams come true in real life. So, dreams can come true in real life, but not those we dream when sleeping. Rather, the dreams we see when we are awake and associated with our goal of life either way. To confirm our statement that both types of dreams come true in real life. And also help you build your confidence, we will explain them by two real-life examples.

• Example of Dream Driven Goal Achiever in Real Life.

Lee Jun-fan (27/11/1940 to 20/07/1973) – Born in a mediocre family of an opera star. Born in San-Francisco, but brought up in a small town in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Introduces to films by parents to earn a living as a child actor at a young age. He was proven to street fights, and hence send to learn martial arts. Loved it and dreamed to build a career with a combination of martial arts and cinema and rule the world. Died at the age of 32 after achieving all his dream-driven goals of life. Acted and directed films that are world-famous to date. And also trained many students of Martial Arts. The world knows him as BRUCE LEE. His death has been a mystery until now. A part of his fan thinks that he had died due to the extensive practice of martial arts. And others think some rivalries killed him being jealous of his success. Whatever may be the case, he is a unique example for us of a dream driven goal achiever. We are just putting the exact words, Lee wrote to someone unknown.

Link to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Lee

My Definite Chief Aim

I, Bruce Lee, will be the first highest paid Oriental superstar in the United States. In return I will give the most exciting performances and render the best of quality in the capacity of an actor. Starting 1970 I will achieve world fame and from then onward till the end of 1980 I will have in my possession $10,000,000. I will live the way I please and achieve inner harmony and happiness.

Bruce Lee

Jan. 1969

Alas, his life ended only 3-4 years after writing this letter but by then he has well achieved his goals of life.

• Example of Goal-Driven Dream Achiever in Real Life

Tony Robbins, born as Anthony J. Mahavoric on 29/02/1960 in North Hollywood, California. He became parentless at the age of 7 and adopted by Jim Robbins. Jim was a former semi-professional baseball player who married Tony’s original mother.

He left his chaotic and abusive home at the age of 17 and met Jim Rohn, an author, and motivational speaker. He started his career with him and put all hard works and effort into his work. That helped him to become a successful and well-known personality in the USA. Today he is famous worldwide. He started setting goals in his field in the year 1988. And achieved milestones in one after another to reach the position he holds today.

A real-life achiever of goal-driven dreams in his life. He lives a lifestyle of his own choice and he made it through dealing with many ups and downs of life.

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Hope these two examples are satisfactory enough. To make you believe that both kinds of goals and dreams can be achieved in real life.

Link to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Robbins

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When Dreams Come True in Real Life

Whether it is a dream driven goal or a goal-driven dream they come true when we achieve our goals in life. For that, we need to follow the necessary steps to set our goals of life and work to achieve them. Then only we will be able to successfully achieve them in real life. Our dreams associated with our goals come true in real life. The necessary steps to make our dreams come true are as follows.

  1. Set your goal of life – Click Here to know how to set your goal of life
  2. Plan to achieve your goal – Click Here to make a plan the correct way
  3. Focus on your goal – Read This Article to find how to focus on your goal of life
  4. Focus on yourself – This Article explains in detail how to focus on yourself.

Approach with the right attitude and achieve your goals and dreams – The above articles explains how to achieve your goal of life with the right attitude. Please go through other articles also to understand things correctly. Achieving a goal is a summation of smaller achievements as per the plan. If you still have any confusion, please contact us directly. So that we can understand the issue and put our efforts to resolve it. Otherwise, a thorough reading of the above-linked articles will clear everything. About how to approach and achieve your goal.

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5 Signs to Understand When Dreams Come True

When dreams come true in real life, we receive 5 types of signs. These help us to understand that we are approaching to achieve our goals in life. We may not receive all the 5 signs, but a few signs will definitely-up to state it. Let us see which are these signs that will state when your dream will come true.

  • People start talking and doing things the way you want and like. This indicates that you have reached near to your goals and dreams of life.
  • Start receiving dreams while sleeping about your goals and dreams of real life. Revealing things that are unknown to you.
  • You will start receiving gifts and rewards for achieving your goals and dreams of life.
  • Uncertainty will stop bothering you and you will become comfortable to deal with them as a part of life.
  • Things will start feeling crystal clear about how and when your dreams will come true.

Any of these signs you receive, you must understand that you are about to achieve your goals and dreams of life.

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Where Dreams go to Die

Our dreams will go to die if we do not consider achieving them with our efforts. If we only wish our dreams to come true automatically, it may never happen. Even if it happens, it will be difficult to enjoy it for a longer span in our lives. Achieving something brings more satisfaction and happiness. And stay longer with us than getting that effortlessly. To be aware of where dreams go to die, we are listing a few points below.

  1. Dreams go to die if we ignore it to take it as our goal or target of life.
  2. Poor planning or execution can take you where dreams go to die.
  3. Getting distracted from your focus on your dreams and goals can result in your dreams to die.
  4. Diverting from your focus halfway, refusing to deal with the obstacles, sends your dreams to go to die.
  5. Lack of attitude to stick to the path until you achieve your goals and dreams send them to die. The inability to find alternative ways when necessary can make your mind to leave it half-way.
  6. Other influences affecting you to divert from your goal of life can also make your dreams go to die. If you cannot resist to manage or get influenced by them.
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There may be many other reasons like obstruction due to health issues. Or physical, mental, and psychological shifts can also send your dreams to go to die. Hopping from one goal to another without achieving any also sends your dreams to go to die. Whatever may be the case, sticking to your goal and plan. And move to the next only after successfully achieving the previous is the way to prevent your goals to go to die.

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Why Dreaming is Important?

Dreams are important in many ways. Having a dream inspires us to set a goal and plan and act to achieve in real life. Our dreams add different meanings and dimensions to our lives. Often, without a dream or a goal to achieve, our life becomes charm-less and boring. Read our complete article on ‘Why Goal Setting is Important to Achieve Success in Life’.

Dream it Possible

Dreaming to achieve something in life and working for it is simply known as dream it possible. When we properly plan and work on it, there is no reason why we cannot achieve that. Even if we have interruptions and obstacles, we need to stick to it until the end to achieve it. This attitude is often necessary for many other areas of life. Hence dream it possible and achieve your goals one after another. It will take you to the level of success you deserve in your life.


Hope you have benefitted from the subject of discussion. About which dream come true in real life and when and how things happen. Please share your doubts, queries, comments, and suggestions in the comment box below. Also, contact us for anything you wish to share and discuss with us. Expect you to share our articles with your contacts to help us reach them too.

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