What is Your Goal of Life – 5 Steps to Set and Achieve It

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Determine What is Your Goal of Life

Finding out what is your goal of life is a very important task. Deciding it requires more focus than the amount of focus on your goals is needed. This is because, if we decide the wrong goal for ourselves, it will be difficult to achieve. We may miss to get the rewards and find a sense of victory after putting all efforts and hard work into it.

Let us take a look at what kinds and types of goals we have in our lives. If we generalize the kind of goals humans set in their lives, it follows a particular pattern. General studies on human psychology reveal the pattern. That humans usually set 3 different types and 2 different kinds of goals in life. We have discussed earlier the importance of goal setting in our life. Now, let us see how our psychology works while setting our goals of life.

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One thing we would like to mention here that this general study applies to all human psychology. Even though every human being is unique and special in every way. Human psychology is a vast subject to understand. And we should never feel that it makes us common rather than unique. Rather, we must believe that this study helps us understand ourselves. So that we can find our uniqueness ourselves.

Also, note that we refer to human common psychology is not because we wish to deliver a common message for all. But we intend to help you distinguish yourself from others. These are very common and touchy issues that hurt us. And we never want you to feel hurt. But, we want you to feel confident to set a goal in life and achieve it at the earliest. And repeat the process several times as per your wish and potential.

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General types of Goals to Focus for Human beings

As we mentioned earlier, we have a few general types of goals that all humans set for themselves. These goals are as Follows-

Time-Bound Goals

We all have time-bound goals in our life. Either we set them ourselves or we are forced to set them by external influences. These goals may be set in any area of your life as a long term goal or a short term goal. But the basic nature of these goals is that they are specific and time-bound. Please find elaborate clarifications with examples to understand better just after this section.

Focus Based Goals

These are the goals where our focus matters and the time is not the main factor or priority. Say, as a student, our focus is to pursue the degree of law. But focusing on becoming a judge at a future time and that may take a few years of practice and more. So, here our focus is to become a judge, and pursue a law degree is not the main focus. Secondly, it is not time-bound as well. This is the idea about focus based goals of life and it also caters to every area of human life. We have elaborated enough in the previous section. So that you can yourself understand how to focus on focus based goals. That can be set in the above areas and any other areas of life.

Topic-Related Goals

Topic related goals are a bit different from the above. The above-mentioned goals can be set as a lifetime goal. But topic-related goals are based on a particular topic we deal with at a particular time. Like at a particular phase, we are dealing with a health issue of self or a family member. We can have a goal to address the issue properly. Like we may have a goal to consult a particular doctor for the treatment. Or we may have a target to get admitted to a particular to get the best treatment for ourselves.

In our job or business also we need to set topic related goals. Like to please a customer, we have to arrange for a particular service. Or we may be serving a customer or working on a particular project. But an area needs more attention to move forward on a project or please our customers. Setting a goal to resolve the issues on that particular topic, is a topic-related goal. The importance of the topic derives the importance and priority of the goal in this kind of the goal of life. Sometimes, they may be life-changing ones too throughout the rest of our life span. It depends on the topic we are dealing with, in our lives.

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Few Examples of Time-Bound Goals for Better Understanding

Time-bound goals are more popular as by default it is associated with us from our school life. And they do exist as long as we keep setting them in our lives. The following are a few examples of how time-bound goals can be. For different people in different situations and professions.

  1. Time-Bound Goals for Students

An example of time-bound goals is the completion of home works for school goers. Or obtaining a degree or completing a chapter can also be considered as a time-bound goal. For general stream or career-oriented students of higher studies. Like medical, engineering, charter accountancy, or law degree or anything. In any stream of studies, even in the lower levels, we have time-bound goals in this field.

  1. Time-Bound Goals for Job Seekers

Job seekers may have time-bound goals like getting ready for job-related competitive exams. These kinds of exams happen at a particular time of the year. Job seekers may also have goals to crack an exam by a particular year. Or we may also set a goal to get a job of any kind by a particular time and work for it. We have different ways and options available to search for a job. Also, we may have a target of getting a particular job by a particular year in the future. All these are kinds of time-bound goals of job seekers.

  1. Time-Bound Goals for Professionals

Professional services are like the service a lawyer provides us. Or service of different kinds of medical practices and related services. These services can be extended either as an individual or as an organization. Different kinds of consultancies are also kind of professional services. Self-employed professionals serve them at an individual level to an individual or organization. Professionals of an organization can also provide these services. Both to an individual or other organization. Often these services are offered as a package. Offered by the serving organizations to individuals and other organizations. Time-bound goals for them may be as follows.

a) Completion of projects by the target dates.

b) Ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

c) Targets related to sales and marketing for business growth.

d) And any other target within stipulated time frames.

  1. Time-Bound Goals for Business Owners

Business owner’s time-bound goals are expanding the business. As per the target over some time. Or achieving sales target for over by the end of a month or year can also be a time-bound target for them.

  1. Time-Bound Goals for Self Employed Professionals

This is like the same we have described earlier, but here at an individual level. To provide a service, we may have dependencies. A self-employed professional lawyer is dependent on the court schedules or judges’ priorities. Serving a customer by a particular date in the future can be their time-bound goals.

Similarly, we can have time-bound goals in every area and field of life as follows.

  1. Unemployed Persons Time-Bound Goals
  2. Time-Bound Goals for Unemployed Family Persons
  3. Persons Without a Source of Income also have Time-Bound Goals
  4. Time-Bound Goals of Persons without Income but with Burdens
  5. Other General Category Time-Bound Goals

We can list many more examples. Time-bound goals already exist in the life of every human being. The idea of this detailed explanation is to clarify the meaning of time-bound goals. And how they can be set for every individual. Hope we have cleared that with enough examples. Hence let us move to the next type of goal of life.

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General kinds of Goals to Focus of Human beings

Except for the above types of goals we have in our life, we also have 2 different kinds of goals to focus on in our lives. These 2 kinds of goals are more dependent on human nature. And also can have psychology driven goals within them. Let us see what 2 kinds of goals of life are-

Emotional Goals

Emotional goals are those which please our emotional success. The personal goals of establishing relationships, achieving religious goals come into this category. These are the goals that serve our self-satisfaction more at the emotional level. One can have a goal to work for an organization that works for mankind or establishes it. These involve all kinds of activities like any other goal. But finally, please us at an emotional level. Likewise, having a good relationship can be the goal of an individual. A person or organization is also an emotional goal. Pursuing a degree for knowledge gain and emotional satisfaction is also of the same kind.

Materialistic Goals

These are the goals we want to achieve in our life to meet our materialistic dreams and passions. Like to achieve a position financially or authoritative. Goals to achieve more comfort and earn more respect in life. Position in society or social standing, physical appearance, status symbols, and financial prosperity are all these kinds of goals of human life. These goals help us lead a comfortable, prosperous, and honorable and prestigious lifestyle.

5 Practical Steps to Set and Achieve The Goal of Life

To discuss 5 particular and practical steps of setting up the goal of life and achieving it are as follows.

1. Set up Your Goal of Life

This is the first and most crucial step. And that is why we explained above different types and kinds of goals exist in our life. We need to consider what we love and feel satisfied doing brainstorming minutely. Once we do that, we need to consider setting up our goal that follows a S.M.A.R.T.E.R. approach. That means, the goal we set must follow the following conditions.

S – We need to set a specific goal for ourselves selves which may be a combination of a series of goals.

M – Meaningful and measurable. It must meet us the way we want to consider everything about ourselves. From the explanations of different types and kinds of goals above.

Steps to Achieve your goal of life image

A – The goal we set for ourselves must be an achievable one. We must consider that while setting it up.

R – Relevant goals serve us best to meet ourselves in the long run.

T – Time-bound goals are more preferred. Even if our goal is focus-based or topic-related, we need to make it time-bound. As per our convenience so that we can approach it in a targeted way.

E – Evaluation of our progress towards our goal of life helps us stay motivated and focused.

R – Re-adjustable goals are often to serve us best. As they cater to different situations of life with the smallest efforts.

Once we are done with setting up our goal of life, we need to move towards the next step.

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2. Make a Plan to Achieve Your Goal

A step by step planning is the next set after setting up your goal of life. To do that we must consider breaking our goal into several smaller goals. Then plan the step by step activities in a time-bound manner to achieve these smaller goals. Finally, it will be achieving the goal of our life we set for ourselves. Find more elaborated explanations about planning and execution in the following articles.

1) Why Goal Setting is Important

2) A goal without a Plan is Just a Wish

Read them to have a better understanding of the subject and the way we are discussing things here in this blog.

Approach your Goal as per Your Plan image

3. Approach your Goal as per Your Plan

Getting after your goal to achieve it is the next most important step. Approaching it the correct way makes it achieve in real life. After dealing with all other necessary activities and responsibilities of life. We have learned a quote in our childhood

“Slow and Steady Wins the Race” – Robert Lloyd

Hence we need to be steady to approach our goals of life. It may be a slow approach depending upon the situations of your life. That doesn’t matter much. As long as you plan it properly considering your daily activities and responsibilities. But the approach must be steady enough.

4. Take Good Care of Yourself

This should be the very next step in our opinion. As, if you do not take proper care of yourself, it is obvious that you may get stressed out. As a result, you may get seriously ill and get distracted from your normal life. This should be avoided at any cost. Never get in a hurry to achieve things in life to get stressed and leave the target halfway. And it is a very normal phenomenon that restricts us from achieving our goals in life. In this way, all the efforts you have already put into it go in vain. Not only that, it further creates frustrations, anxieties which do more harm to us. Taking good care of yourself with a healthy routine and diet. Along with strategic holidays to clear up mental and physical stresses. This is the utmost necessity for everyone.

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5. Enjoy Your Achievements and Rewards

This is the final step of this article about what is your goal of life. We must celebrate our achievements and enjoy the rewards to the fullest. Before moving forward to set our next goal of life. We have all the right to do so as we have put our extended efforts going beyond our comfort zones to achieve them. We also must move forward setting our next goal of life. But that never means that we should not enjoy the rewards of the previous achievement. If you keep the feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment aside for the future, we will never be able to enjoy them. So, never forget to celebrate your achievements. Also, enjoy the rewards of your achievements and feel satisfied as long as you can.


Anyone can easily achieve a goal of life following these 5 steps if you know what is your goal of life. We recommend you to follow our other articles about the goal of our lives and how to achieve them. Hope you will certainly share our article with your circle of contacts. We will be greatly obliged if you do share to help us achieve our target to reach them too. In any case, if you have any doubts or just comment or suggest something, please be in touch with us. You can do so by commenting on the comment box. Or contact us through direct e-mail addresses available at our “Contact Us” page. Thank you for visiting and engaging with us. Stay safe, healthy, and happy forever. Wish you have a great day ahead.

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