A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish

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The Meaning of "A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish"

Having a goal without a plan is just a wish and can be hard to achieve in real life. Hence we want to discuss it here is how to plan the road map of achieving your goal in life. Also, it is an idea of how to plan and what all we need to consider to plan it. As we all belong to different stages and situations of life, trying to copy a plan may not work for another. So, get the idea to plan your goal on your own.

Difference between a Goal and a Wish

We are saying that Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish, and we must clarify what we mean by that phrase. When we call something as the goal of my life, then we need to put our efforts to achieve it. Our wish for something, and imagining or dreaming to have it without working for it is not possible. Our situation and knowledge or scope of planning and execution is limited, we often can just afford to wish for things. Or, it may also be that we have followed what someone else has done to achieve that particular thing, but are afraid or unable to put in the work.

Plan makes the difference between a goal and a wish Image

In any case, when we wish something, we are not actively trying to achieve it. Hence, it is not a goal. That is why our title says that a goal without a plan is just a wish. When you set a goal, you must have a few plans to achieve it too. And those plans should also have back-up plans. That is why we are saying a few plans instead of a single plan. A plan should have a few steps to achieve your goal. And then achieving every step must have a plan with a few back-up plans. This is because, in case if your situation or position does now allow you to put in one place, you have another in place.

Hence, assessing all the different situations you may face in your life is essential. And it needs to be done while planning the road-map for achieving your goal. For more clarity, sign up for the e-book list. In case you are unable to get it through or have any confusion, consider putting it into the comment box. We will get back soon.

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Why Goal is Important?

Having a goal is important because it enables us to create our personality. Goals in life give us a sense of personal achievement and help boost self-esteem. Until and unless we set up our goals, our focus may remain scattered. As we discussed in earlier posts, we are already engaged with various things in life. And everything in life demands some attention and focus on it. Setting a goal to distinguish it from others enables us to think about it. It provides us the scope of putting special attention into it. Anything we wish to achieve, demands a special kind of attention and focus to plan and achieve it in reality.

As we know, as soon as we set a goal, the dream begins to achieve it in real life. And that inspires us, to put the effort to analyze everything in detail. Until and unless a goal is set, we may not put our energy to think about it and relate it to our situation. This is important as without relating it with our situation, we will not be able to plan it in our way.

Let us clarify it with an example. Say we wish to pursue a law degree and want to become a lawyer or a judge in our future. Considering it as your goal next is to get your parent’s consent, which may differ. If your parents are liberal and respect your free will to choose your goal of life, then the problem is over. Otherwise, you need to plan on how to get their permission or consent. Once that is over, then choosing a college or institution to get admission will be your focus. That again includes several factors to consider that you may need to deal with, in your situation.

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What is Your Goal of Life?

How to set what is your goal of life? As we know that goal without a plan is just a wish, then we must set our goal of life first. And to do that, the first thing we should do is analyzing our capabilities and wishes. As it is known to everybody that if we wish to become a footballer, we must have the capabilities to become that. If we do not have the sense and skills of football, then we cannot become a footballer in our life. 

But, becoming a footballer may be a dream or passion for us. In that case, we have to put our efforts to develop our sense and skills to that level to become a footballer. Better say, that we need to practice and develop it at an extraordinary level. As everybody who plays football, do not become a footballer in their life. The reason being they do put their focus on it, to develop their sense and skills to an extraordinary level. Hence, playing football is entertainment for them only.

What is your goal of life Image

The same logic applies to any other field or subject. Even if your goal of life is to get a clerical 9 to 5 jobs in your life. To live a simple and happy life with parents, spouse, and children, then also you need to achieve it in your life. Sitting quite doing nothing will not give you that also. You need to first achieve the qualification to get the job. And then apply for jobs to get a suitable one for yourself. It does not matter what is your goal of life is, you need to have the plan and put your efforts to achieve it. But the ultimate is to have a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in life important.

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Focus on Your Goal

While setting the goal of our life, we should consider a few aspects as the utmost priority. These are our sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and fulfillment in achieving our goal. And once we are clear about what is your goal of life is, the next is to focus on your goal. We have discussed earlier how to plan to achieve our goal in real life. In this section, we will discuss it with an example to deliver the idea.

Let us take the above example of setting the goal of becoming a footballer in your life. Now, to focus on your goal, we need to check our skills and sense of football first. To do that, we need to follow the biography of great footballers first. Consider checking first of your idol and then check for other great footballers too. Availability is also a factor to be considered. Check at nearby and online libraries to gather as many as you can and read through all. This will help you have a greater idea about football in general. And also the ways to practice and enhance your skills. Then you need to plan a routine to apply all your learning in practice. So that you can understand where you stand by your sense of football and your skills.

To enhance your sense and skills to the level of extraordinary, need regular practice. That is the only way available to achieve your goal of becoming a footballer. A routine for regular practice along with exercise and food habits to keep fit is essential. The next is to executing that routine into practice. Maintaining all other schedules of life intact will lead you to achieve your goal in reality. The same strategy applies to any other goal of your life.

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How to Stay Focus on Goal

How to stay focus on your goal image

To stay focus on your goal is the only your attitude of not leaving it on the midway is required. Whatever influences or situations arrive, we have to win them all. With our determination of staying till the end until we achieve the goal, we set for ourselves.

If you have planned to focus on your goals without affecting other areas of life, then it becomes easier for you. Obstacles like other’s influences or emergencies to distract you will be less. Yet, some real emergencies may delay the process. But it will not be able to distract you completely if you handle it. This is the way how to stay focus on your goal or goals of life to achieve them one by one.

Concluding "A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish"

Hope you are in a better position to agree that goal without a plan is just a wish in real life. A goal without a plan can never be achieved in real life as we will not be able to focus on it at all. We are saying this from our real-life experience. Until and unless you can set a goal for yourself and a plan to achieve it in your life, it doesn’t make any sense at all. We are not saying this to discourage you. Rather trying to impose the importance of goal setting and focusing on it in your life. So that you can also achieve the desired or even higher level of success in your own life in reality.

This is all that we had to say in this article, namely “The Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish”. As we mentioned earlier, please consider putting any doubt or comment in the comment box. We will surely get back to you at the earliest with an answer or solution. Of course, as per our abilities, knowledge, and resources. Consider sharing this post with your friends and family. And also with your extended circle of contacts to enable us to reach them too. That is all for now. See you next time. Never forget to subscribe for free e-books and e-mail newsletter. These resources will offer you more personalized guidelines to achieve success in life.

Thank you, Stay blessed and happy, forever.

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