What is Disclaimer

Disclaimer is the information people wish to declare about themselves or their activities to a group of people or to the people in general all over the world. Honest confession about hidden aspects.

Why is Disclaimer

This Disclaimer is for passing on the information that normally people may not be aware of. This is necessary so that there is transparency between the blogger and the visitors or followers. 

Our Disclaimer

In our website and blog posts we put clickable links to many places. These clickable links take our visitors to various places like free gifts, newsletters, e-books etc. However, some clickable links also divert visitors to paid offers like training courses or software. If any visitor or followers buy any training course or software from these links, we earn a commission from it. However, it never affects the purchase cost of our visitor or follower but the seller shares a percentage of their profit with us. Sometimes we shares our profit with our loyal customers in different ways as gifts. It depends on our soul discretion what we will share and with whom and how. 

What We Share

The links we put and share with you in this website different locations and blog posts are of different categories. Please find the list of different link categories we share.

  • They links to different sections of this website to share relevant information about ourselves and our website.
  • Links to different pages of our website.
  • Also links to different blog posts and articles of our website.
  • Links to different third party training or software of proper relevance and good repute.
  • We never share anything without judging the authenticity and past performance of these programs.

Why We Share

We put these links to share following information you may be interested in as per our understanding. These are also the information we want you to know to keep you engage in it.

  • Directly take you to the areas related to the topic you are engaged with.
  • To minimize your effort to search for relevant information to understand things properly.
  • To keep you engage and find interest in what all experiences we have to share with you.
  • Ease your effort to find best training and software you may need and also earn our running and maintenance cost of this website for mutual benefits.


As we mentioned above that the third party offers we put links in our website are of relevant subjects of training and software our visitors or followers may need. We also properly verify the authenticity and past performances of these training programs and software before recommending them to our visitors and loyal followers. It is also to help them to choose the best available program out in the market and must be with a money back guarantee if someone find it unsuitable for them. So that our our visitors and loyal followers never feel cheated or wasted their hard earned money in any way.

We want to conclude our disclaimer saying that whatever third party offers links you will find in various sections of our website and blog posts, you are no way obligated to choose or buy any of them. You are completely free to decide whether any of these you need to buy or not and it is solely your own discretion and you are still free to navigate through our website the way you wish. We can also ensure you that you will find every kind of information and guidance from our blog posts if you remain engage with us without spending anything. But we cannot provide you any software you may need for free as we neither own nor develop any. However, if you anytime choose and decide to buy something as per our recommendations, then also we cannot take any responsibility related to the training or the product as we neither nor have any custody of it.