Our Identity


We introduce ourselves as “Focus Better”. It is a self chosen nick name. This name¬† will be used as our author name in all our blog posts. We will also use this name in all our e-mail communications to our subscribers. Using nick name is our own choice due to some personal reasons. We hope you will understand and not judge us adversely due to use of nick name.


Focus Better is a middle aged individual. His writing is influenced by own experiences as well as experiences, realizations of immediate and extended family. It often influenced by other extended friends and family as well.¬† “Focus Better” often accumulates experiences and realizations of others and analyze and put it in writing with explanations for others to use it for their benefit to focus and achieve success.


Passive team members of “How to Focus Better” are all those who have shared their experiences and realizations with “Focus Better”. Spouse, Daughter, Younger Brother, Aged Parents are immediate passive members of the team as they are in contact with “Focus Better” on a regular basis and hence influence the most. However, extended family as well as friends also have significant contribution into it.


Our inspiration is our successful journey of overcoming different hurdles of life from time to time. In recent past we as a family gone through a challenging period that help us understand real meaning and value of focus in life. Although it was tough than expectations, but cumulative focus bring us success in life. Feeling of victory was fabulous and heavenly. Winning success is our main inspiration behind “How to Focus Better”.

Focus Better




Different nature of human being are seen in this world. A few of them enjoy sharing of knowledge and wisdom. It is always both way. As we mentioned earlier that many of our articles are written based on experiences and realizations of people around us. Obviously they are also a part of our “How to Focus Better” team. In this effort, we put together all our passion to make it possible and that is our motivation behind it.


We intend to put our best efforts to make it useful for our followers. Our intention is to find a wide range of valuable followers who will follow us to be able to focus better on their own concerns and find the way of successfully achieve or overcome their issues of life. We have a large variety of contributor to share ideas for all ages and different background and situation to cover as much as possible for us.


Our expectations from our fellow visitors is to go through our blog section thoroughly. We have tried to put a number of articles on different subjects to make it easy to understand and follow. So that everybody find sense in it. We urge our visitors to contact us if they are unable to find what they need. Our dream is to cover those too and reach at every corner of the world. So please do share our articles and website with your friends and family.


Please do share, comment and engage with us. We heartily welcome your valuable suggestions regarding our website and blog posts. If you are interested to post your articles in our blog section, please mail it to us. It will be posted after normal scrutiny with your author name. We highly appreciate your wish of sharing knowledge, wisdom, experiences and realizations of life with the world.Finally, wish you stay blessed and happy, forever.